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What value do you place on yourself? What do you bring to the table?

It’s not uncommon to feel inadequate from time to time. Everyone has experienced the feeling of not being good enough or feeling undeserving of something or someone.

But when feelings of inadequacy such as low self-worth, incompetence, powerlessness, and even shame begin to interfere with relationships, success at work, or feeling happy or peaceful, then exploring the underlying issues that incite those feelings can help.

There is one simple truth. We get exactly what we are willing to settle for.

Do you…

• Settle for less than you deserve?

• Chase love that isn’t yours?

• Make someone your priority while you’re his or her option?

• Care more what others think of you than you think about yourself?

• Spend time with people who can’t commit or are emotionally unavailable?

• Think to yourself, “I’m not enough.”

• Put your life on hold because you’re waiting to see what your boss, partner or friend will do?

• Go along with people’s impulses instead of expressing what you would like?

• Seek love, appreciation and approval from others instead of finding it from within?

• Rationalize other’s bad behavior even though it hurts you?

• Manipulate or control people?

• Let someone else’s words and actions determine your mood?

Confidence is learned. Knowing your strengths is empowering. Perhaps you bring stability or respect or maybe loyalty. Maybe you bring patience, or kindness or reliability. Perhaps you bring tolerance or a strong work ethic or maybe your strength is in your passion. What you have to offer is there. I promise. You have to find it. You have to learn what you bring to the table.

It starts with changing the way you look at yourself and what you have to offer. Be grounded in who you are and learn that your value is much more than what people think of you. You are good enough. You matter and you are worthy. You are your own person with aspirations, goals and plans. When you learn to value yourself, you will attract people who know your worth as well.

When you realize your worth, you can walk away from your past, people, habits and choices that don’t serve you. This may mean that you’ll be eating alone but you’ll enjoy the company.

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