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Fear is a Signal You’re Learning!


Due to the way we’re wired, unfamiliar situations may scare us–even if we're not in danger. But fear is useful it has a place. It signals that we’re learning.
As you advance into new territory and grow, you’ll feel fear along the way. You may not have sweaty palms at first–just a flutter; the big stuff comes later, it means you are learning.
Don't be fooled. If you think you learned something new about your life without any sense of fear, chances are you didn't move the needle.
Have you learned a life lesson even though you were afraid of failing at the time? We've all been there. Ever have a nail-biter in school or at work because you weren't adequately prepared for a test or a meeting? Good grief, what if the boss finds out? I bet you learned to be be prepared after that.

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