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Fear Tells You What’s Important.

Fear is not your enemy. Fear can be rewarding, it signals what’s important to you, stirs your emotions and encourages you to take action.

A writer staring at a blank computer screen hoping for inspiration should learn to be better prepared the next time. If you walk into your boss' office for a performance review with your heart beating a tango you should strive to be a better employee. Important things key you up because they matter. If they didn't, you wouldn't recognize their significance.

On the other hand, it's possible to sleep-walk through ordinary things that don't pose a threat. The ones closest to our hearts are the scary ones.

Creative people are different-often stumped about what’s important. Creativity gives them so many choices that they're not sure what they want.

Here is a counter-intuitive, but easy way to recognize if something is genuinely important to you: Does it scare you? Does it motivate you to take action? The more you fear it, the more important it is.

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