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Your Attitude Toward Life.

Have you ever noticed that people with positive attitudes enjoy life more than grumpy, pessimistic ones? Not only that, they are usually successful, as well. Your attitude, be it good or bad is a driving force in your life. It enables you to do great things but can also drag you down.

We're all born with certain tendencies and orientations, but our personalities and attitudes begin to develop in childhood through relationships and experiences and they continue to evolve over the years.

Think about all the things you've been through, people you've met and associated with. Believe it or not, they influenced your life. If you made bad choices and wound up with a crummy outlook on life it’s not the end of the world. All you need is an attitude adjustment.

Start with this advice: A sense of humor is better than anything Walgreen’s can dispense.
By the way, if you're already a happy, optimistic person congratulations. Great job.

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