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How is your E.Q.? My What?

Emotional Quotient (or emotional intelligence) is the ability to understand your emotions and other people’s emotions in order to collaborate effectively.

It is the practice of recognizing emotional differences so you can appropriately respond to situations in interpersonal relationships. E.Q. is applied in leadership, sales and marriage at work, school and home. The skill can be developed and/or enhanced at any point in our lives. You are never too old to benefit.

Being aware of boundaries is an important part of E.Q.  In fact, it is a key component of the skills taught. I encourage you to take a quick test here and check out your score. Enjoy. Click on EQ in menu 

Emotional intelligence is closely related to empathy and sensitivity to others, not to mention compassion and self-awareness. It’s what distinguishes the people who make you feel comfortable and optimistic––ones who get you feeling good about yourself––from those you avoid like the plague because their negativism is a downer. Emotionally immature people may have a low E.Q. even if they have a high I.Q. You probably think of them as being in La-La Land totally unaware of others or overly serious about a particular issue at hand. Even a Mensa with years of experience can make poor decisions if their E.Q. is out of whack.  How often have you said “ Why would a smart person make that choice?” Chalk it up to a low E.Q. 

Just as laughter can be a ready barometer of emotional intelligence at work, rampant anger, fear or apathy––even sullen silence––can spell trouble. A person’s social competence is on the rocks if their E.Q is low.

E. Q. is a relatively new concept. It holds considerable promise in teaching us the skills we need to better relate to each other, skills that lead to positive outcomes in many areas of human interaction. Assessments are available and should be considered if you feel your staff has difficulty making successful decisions.

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