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Let’s talk about the way you live: the things you do, people you associate with, your career, your pleasures and frustrations.

Take inventory. How are things going? Give yourself a 1,000-mile inspection.

Too many people conduct their lives in a way that shutters them from the rest of the world. They piddle away time in their own little world, either oblivious to or turning their backs on what life has to offer. Sadly, too much of the human population lives this way, resisting opportunity instead of seizing it. Call it a perpetual cycle of resistance.

If you find yourself trapped in the cycle, change your mindset. When your inner-wisdom tells you things aren’t right it’s time to let go. It’s time for a new outlook on life. Forget about how you think things should be. Dare the world to make you smile. Be open to opportunity.

Create space for acceptance, learning and growth. Learn from your mistakes and the mistakes of others. See the world through unbiased eyes.

Gradually allow yourself to step forward with a clear and focused mind. It's all about accepting what is, letting go of what was, and having faith in your journey.

Closing the door, completing the chapter, turning the page––however you title it-–find the strength to abandon the parts of your life that are over. Leave them in the past. Attend to the present.

Stop fretting about what would’ve been or should’ve been. Those things belong in the trash bin.

Letting go and committing to a new lifestyle isn’t easy. Learn to deal with unexpected challenges and chaos––you’re not the Lone Ranger, we all have them. But it takes dedication. It’s a journey. Travel it mile-by-mile, day-by-day. Chances are the scenery will gradually improve. So will your outlook on life and your self-esteem.

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