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We all know deep down that life is short and death will happen. So why we are shocked when someone we love reaches the end date? Tears are shed and hearts are broken. We may never get over the loss but we’ll never forget the person.

Death is taught as an ending. If that sounds ugly, look at it this way: Limits illuminate beauty. And death is the definitive limit in this life.


Perhaps we can use that as a reminder to be aware of the personalities around us and appreciate them a bit more.


Look at death as a beginning, a moment of reinvention. It forces us to look at our own our lives and to experience beauty in new ways and at new places. Finally, of course, death is an opportunity to celebrate a person’s life, and be grateful for the beauty they shared with us.

Doesn’t it seem like we should celebrate a loved one’s life before they leave us? A friend did that once. He knew his death was imminent so he staged a grand party and invited all the people he loved. It was unusual, but unique. I’m happy I was there. Clearly it is not forgotten. Neither is he. Arrivederci Al Miller.

Since we grieve over loved ones we have lost, and imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, why not make them our daily inspiration?


Meanwhile, getting old isn’t easy. Our bodies crumble and won’t cooperate the way they used to. Aches and pains take over. We have trouble walking. Dancing is out of the question. The good news is fond memories make us smile; they become part of our character. Capture those moments. Close your eyes and dance again. 






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