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Let’s discuss a key to self-improvement: Overcoming delusional thinking.


Are you honest with yourself? Do you watch only what you want to watch, limit what you read and hear, and ignore the rest? Or are you open-minded and willing to absorb more, much more?


There are two sides to issues and stories. Headlines and teaser announcements aren’t stories. They are meant to trigger curiosity, interest, indifference or rejection. Admittedly, some are sensationalized far beyond reality.

The point is this: wearing blinders and limiting what you are willing to recognize limits your potential to grow as an individual. In a sense, you are being dishonest with yourself. Maybe it gives you short-term relief, but in the long run it’s unhealthy.

Deluding yourself and ignoring problems doesn’t fix them, it may make them worse as time goes on. When we aren’t honest about a problem it will snowball out of control.

Each evening, take a few minutes to reflect on your day. Ask yourself questions. What did I do right? Be honest with yourself. The goal is to take the information of today and use it to improve tomorrow. One of the most painful things about being honest is admitting we made a mistake. 

Often times we try to protect our egos––we come up with excuses or blame others for our problems. Do your best to see the difference between excuses and reasons. Sometimes they are similar.

Emotions can be misleading, but they can be very revealing. Delve into the true cause behind your emotions. Figure out what thoughts, actions, and situations make you feel a certain way.

I believe self-analysis is an important, underestimated aspect of self-improvement. However, be careful. Don’t get carried away and over-analyze yourself.

Be honest about what you don’t know, it keeps you humble and realistic. Often times we assume we know everything so we act stubbornly and irrational, and ignore evidence that contradicts our current beliefs.

Practice honesty daily. Becoming completely honest won’t happen overnight. It takes constant self-awareness and vigilance. But it’s well worth it.



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