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Patients who suffer from anxiety describe feelings of tension, anxiousness, and concern. Some say they can calm themselves by rejecting or shrugging off milder forms and that may not be a bad thing. But panic attacks are another matter; they can be terrifying.


While anxiety poses problems, it has unexpected advantages. Physical symptoms such as rapid heartbeat, quickened breathing or a churning stomach are actually warning signs. Your body is sending a message:


“Psst, I’m talking to you. You told off your boss, didn’t you? Look, we need to talk. What, you’re hiding in the basement? PANIC ATTACK!”


There’s a problem, pay attention and it won’t just go away.

Instead of fighting the symptoms figure out what changes you have to make. Respond wisely.


Find the hurt. The severity will be proportionate to the scope of what you have to address. If it’s a panic attack and you feel you’re going to die look for something BIG.


Anxiety messages stem from situations you chose to carry forward: a traumatic or painful event left unresolved, someone you have yet to forgive, perhaps a negative complex that’s hindering your growth.


Anxiety won’t hurt you severely nothing dangerous is happening it’s all in your head. But until you catch on, start listening and heal the source of the message it will keep spinning you around. It can be cyclic and it’s easy to feel haunted or trapped, but you are always in control. Whatever you are ignoring or avoiding will continue until you make adjustments and go about things differently.


Take a deep breath. Feel your feet on the ground. Listen to the message your body is sending. Focus on ways to overcome the anxiety and improve your life. Remember, you are in control.


“Hey! I’m talking to you! Is she still ignoring me? UGH! Ok body, it’s your turn. Make her feel like her heart will explode. HA! You stopped working overtime didn’t you? Gotcha! Now look…we need to talk…What? Now you’re hiding in a movie? Oh no you don’t! PANIC ATTACK!”


All you have to do is listen.

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