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As a mental health provider I salute Butler County Sheriff Richard K. Jones who offered free concealed-carry training classes to teachers in the Cincinnati area. It is vital to fight back, and to be able to fight back with efficiency.

The sheriff tells it like it is. “I’m one of those people that speak out,” he said. “I feel I have the bully pulpit, and I use it to get things done. Even if you hate guns, you need to be educated on guns.”

From a psychological point of view we have to empower our teachers and school staff. They should know they have a chance––more than a chance––to protect themselves and the children we entrust to them.

Sheriff Jones reflected on the Florida killings and the way politicians form committees and subcommittees and blather on, “Yap, yap, yap,” he said. “And you know what gets done? Absolutely nothing.”

Thank you sheriff. In my opinion, not protecting the teachers and their students is victimized thinking and must be dealt with, immediately.

But let’s do away with suggestions like: If an intruder enters and begins shooting, any and all actions to stop the shooter are justified including moving about the room to lessen accuracy, throwing books, computers, phones or book bags to create confusion.

Good grief. That’s a remake of 1950s air raid drills.

I’m a psychologist, mother and grandmother with family members who are teachers. I’m also a gun owner and an empowered female. Why on earth would I not arm myself in the classroom? The world is filled with wrong thinking people. To deny that you need to defend yourself whether it is evil doing, wrong thinking, mental instability or just circumstances seems disconnected from reality to me. 


Sherriff Jones offered free training. The takers jumped at the opportunity and he had to stop signups at 300. I hope other law enforcement officials will do the same. Get a weapon, get the training and get ready.


Our focus needs to extend beyond the children and the psychological damage they suffer. What about their parents, families and communities?

The trend is depressing. Let’s develop policies that make the shooter think twice about coming to a school––and barring his entrance should he arrive. 

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