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‘Simply Put, Our Listeners Saved The Company.’

June 11, 2019

I often go back in time to re read articles about how things become successful or regain success as I believe ' it is what it is' and that doesn't change. This video reminded me of the power of listening & being heard.


“How I Did It” on video is why I am writing to you.
Tim Westergren of Pandora is a must see video about the spontaneous grassroots lobbying force. He said ‘Simply Put, Our Listeners Saved The Company.’
Then it hit me. I need some fresh creative ideas. I want to add to my team and I want to invite you to be on the team. No Cost, No work, No Fee, just listen. If you want to reply or suggest- it will be very welcomed, I will know you heard me but Not required.

Monday & Friday I will send you a brief one-liner as a text.

I think Tim really hit the mark.  All I ask is that you listen. Yes, you can open impersonal apps, that's fine, but let's get to know each other?

Starting with 'Do's & Don'ts of Self-Esteem.'

 Check out the blog and join the team.
Your seat is waiting...Doc.


Text your First name - number to: 480-322-1955 - Joining the Team! 


Our intention creates our reality.


Terry Martin, PhD.

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